Exterior view of National Museum of Fine Arts near Hotel Ismael

Local Attractions & Events

Best Attractions & Events in Santiago, Chile

When you stay at the centrally located Ismael Hotel, you’ll be dialed in to the most popular events in Santiago. From holiday celebrations and seasonal festivals to sporting events, cultural affairs and more, there’s something taking place no matter what time of year you visit.  

Boys running on a walking path near Hotel Ismael

Parque Forestal

Whether you like to bike, jog or walk, Parque Forestal is an ideal attraction to explore. Its winding paths are scenic way to see the city.

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Exterior view of Castillo Hidalgo near Hotel Ismael

Castillo Hidalgo

Built in 1816, this exquisite castle was designed to protect the city. Today, it operates as an event centre for a wide variety of community affairs.

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Entrance of Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes near Hotel Ismael

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes

Considered one of the major centres of Chilean art, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes provides a noteworthy peekhole into the past.

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Front view of Museo De Arte Contemporáneo near Hotel Ismael

Museo De Arte Contemporáneo

Experience contemporary works made by Chilean and international artists. These modern pieces showcase a wide range of remarkable talents.

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Exterior view of Museo De Arte Contemporáneo near Hotel Ismael

Teatro Municipal

For great theatre and opera, Teatro Municipal is Santiago’s most celebrated venue.

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Boy looking at wall pictures in Plop! Galería at Hotel Ismael

Plop! Galería

If you love exhibits with great personality, then you should put this gallery on your itinerary.

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Culture event in Centro Arte Alameda near Hotel Ismael

Centro Arte Alameda

A centre of culture and creativity, the Centro Arte Alameda offers a space to enjoy meetings, film screenings, live music and the performing arts.

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Interior of Museo De Artes Visuales near Hotel Ismael

Museo De Artes Visuales

For artworks of all kinds that include sculptures, paintings and photography, Museo de Artes Visuales offers awe-inspiring creations.

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Exterior view of Cine El Biógrafo near Hotel Ismael

Cine El Biógrafo

For great access to independent and European films, make sure to come by the Cine El Biógrafo.

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Interior of Centro Gabriela Mistral near Hotel Ismael

Centro Gabriela Mistral

For great performances that showcase drama or dance, Centro Gabriela Mistral is the place to enjoy wonderful cultural productions.

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Antique items selling near Hotel Ismael

Paseo Barrio Lastarria

If you’re looking for a terrific place to relax and socialize with friends or colleagues, Paseo Barrio Lastarria will not disappoint.

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